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Apr. 21st, 2006 | 08:49 pm

oh my, im so sorry for not updating this. I recently had problems with my livejournal and then gave up hope for all of them. I have now revitilised this and put up a new layout, which is originally from absonant home to aery's lovely free layouts. I have decided to get back to livejournal and use it a little more, and hopefully get some new graphics up here very soon.

So for all that care. Whats been happening with me? Im happily still in love with Fred. He has a new website for his band, which are doing well in Manchester, you can see it at endofseasonmusic.co.uk. I did all the work for that site, including design, coding and photography. Hopefully they will be recording their EP in a few months so artwork for merchandise and the EP is underway. So everything is very cool on the band front.

As for me, im still working part time freelancing in graphic design, and part time as a checkout whore at ASDA. At the end of the day, its a job that keeps the tax man happy, but not necessarly me happy. Im still waiting for that design job to come knocking on my door. My current freelnace jobs include wedding invitations for 80, some big company websites and self promotion stuff, of late I have been very neglecting. Ah well.

My design edge is slowly becomming so bland its making me rethink things. I have no damn inspiration. I have not made an icon for nearly a year and any other big computer graphic (that isnt for someone else) for quite some time. Maybe I should make a wallpaper for here... see what I come up with...

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